In the cTrader terminal, CFD contracts and Forex currencies can be traded manually as well as automatically. Users can exchange trading robots, strategies, and custom indicators within an ecosystem developed by the developers of the platform. The platform is available in desktop, mobile, and web-based implementations, using APIs, and offers trade copying services and developer tools. It is possible to avoid all the technical headaches by renting part of a server room from a company that offers such services.

It primarily caters to institutional clients, such as banks, brokers, family offices, and fund managers, as well as External Asset Management (EAM), Independent Asset Management (IAM), and Independent Financial Advisory (IFA). Currently, they provide services to over 200 banks and brokers, as well as 300+ financial intermediaries. Of the many, many binary options brokers, only a handful uses their own trading systems. There are hundreds of brokers but only about a dozen trading platforms (though these numbers keep changing).

  • ETNA facilitates the launch of new wealth management products and services, while WealthTech firms focus on developing unique algorithms and personalized customer experience.
  • And that’s what brokers should always check with their software providers – whether the platform has a single-tenant deployment.
  • This product is a development of Devexperts and represents a set of software in the form of a system of trading platforms, each of which is designed for different purposes.
  • The platform also includes Microsoft Cloud for full scalability and security, real-time redundancy set, and incident management.
  • There is also a risk that your processes will be affected by a poorly executed upgrade of your neighbours.

For example, many investing apps have built in stock screeners that allow you to find securities based on preferences like market capitalization, earnings per share and, for funds, expense ratio. TD Ameritrade is one of the largest online stock trading platforms, offering investment options that some other platforms don’t, including free Forex trading in 21 currencies. As we see, the benefits of white-label FX trading platforms clearly outweigh their shortcomings. White-label trading platforms are a superior solution for forex brokers, offering cost and time efficiency, enhanced trading experiences, and sometimes even technical support.

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Whether you’re a startup or an established firm in the trading and investment industry, a white label platform can be a game-changer. So, read on to discover our list of the best white label trading and investment platforms and what features to look for when choosing a provider. In addition to the trading platform, Sirix Broker provides a back-office solution that allows brokers to segment their traders into groups and adjust their trading conditions according to their needs. Brokers can also control what traders see, view their activity on a rich dashboard with real-time reporting, and engage traders with notifications. Sirix Social empowers traders with an integrated copy trading feature, and Sirix Crypto allows brokers to add crypto CFDs to their offering.

white label trading platform

Discover today Leverate’s MT4 White-Label Solutions and redefine your path to success. Request an access to our XOH Trader platform and test-drive our customized trading environment for 1 month. Collaborate, plan projects and manage resources with powerful features that your whole team can use. Gain key insights about your target audience with a dedicated registration form.

Client accounts in different currencies which are correlated to each other can be connected to the one margin account. BNB and BTC based accounts can easily work with BTC based margin account with minimal risk on volatility differences between these two currencies, as an example. All this requires substantial time as well as human and technical resources, which can prove expensive. Starting a new Forex Trading Business with this method is a more cost-effective method. It’s great for people who want to grow their business by investing small amounts of money, so they can leverage various softwares, such as SM TRADE White Label and VERTEX White Label.

Turn-key stock trading technology is seamlessly  integrated via API with execution venues, clearing and market data providers of choice. Creating a trading platform is a difficult and expensive process and there are many requirements that the platform has to deliver. Prices have to be on time and exact, the execution of trades has to be spot on, and customer management and customer support require huge systems.

Trading platforms on the WL model provide companies just beginning to learn about electronic trading a comprehensive experience within a single trading sphere, thanks to their broad functionality and sophisticated software. Furthermore, White Label trading solutions allow the integration of multiple compatible models, bringing additional informational value and convenience to the process. Generally, a branded trading platform is a strong instrument for working on any capital market and is highly sought after by both new brokerage firms and many experienced players, and occasionally even by the industry’s founders. ETNA facilitates the launch of new wealth management products and services, while WealthTech firms focus on developing unique algorithms and personalized customer experience. What SoFi lacks in advanced tools it makes up for with affordability and a user-friendly platform.

ETNA provides an all-in-one white label software solution to run an online brokerage or digital wealth management business. By opting for a white-label platform, brokers can establish their own brands, streamline operations, and deliver a comprehensive trading experience to clients. Choosing a white-label platform allows brokers to focus on their core competencies while harnessing the power of a proven and feature-rich trading solution.

The broker integrates social aspects into its platform by hosting a global investment network with discussions and public portfolios, and providing financial news 24/7. Despite Moomoo’s poor customer support and limited investment options beyond stocks and ETFs, its affordability and comprehensive tools make it worth considering. Our research highlights which brokerages best meet the needs of different investors from long-term retirement savers to active traders that want the a great mobile experience.

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For brokers, these systems are the insurance that guarantees their survival, which is why many brokers use them. In the worst case, a new customer deposits a lot of money, invests everything in one trade, and wins. When brokers become bigger and have thousands of customers, they will experience less volatility because the actions of many traders will even out more. For example, when CFDs became popular, many established brokers and banks wanted in on the growing market without programming their own solutions.

By clicking “Send me the link”, I agree to receive newsletters and promotions from Money and its partners. I agree to Money’s Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and consent to the processing of my personal information. Another significant advantage of partnering with CMC Connect is their liquidity provision, as you gain access to deep liquidity pools, ensuring efficient execution of trades even during volatile market conditions. They also offer professional services to assist you throughout the implementation journey, and after going live with consultation and ongoing support, they provide 24/5 responsive assistance. The solution is highly customizable, which allows for a quick and easy setup of the broker’s business. Furthermore, the white label service includes detailed documentation for each feature and transparent pricing.

In short, the meaning of a white label is to provide all the necessary “stuffing” so that the client company can effectively work in the market under its own brand. A trading platform is a multifunctional system consisting of a user interface and trading modules and tools that are integral to any trading platform. The ETNA Web Trading Platform is a lightning-fast HTML5 trading platform that can be accessed from any device with a web browser. It offers a seamless trading experience without the need for downloads or installations.